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Teachers Plus

APT Scholarship
Every child deserves a strong grounding in Mathematics and Accounting, yet this is lacking in many schools in high-need areas.

The APT Scholarship takes talented students from these communities and turns them into professional teachers specialising in Mathematics or Accounting.

This intensive five-year degree programme assists over 20 students annually through its unique integrated support system.

• Access to Mathematics and Accounting specialists • Life Coaching • Enrichment Workshops • Best practice teaching experience • Exposure to a professional working environment.

Meet our Academic and Life Coaching Facilitators
Meet our Current APT Scholarship Students
Entry Requirements


NOTE: Applications open in April and Close at the end of the 3rd school term.

8/28/2019 4:39 PMMichelle Penlington
Teachers Plus

Kickstart Workshops

Various Kickstart Workshops have been developed to deliver immediate impact in the areas of Matric Mathematics, Accounting and preparation for the world of work.

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8/15/2019 3:57 PMMichelle Penlington
Teachers Plus

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Meet our APT Graduates 
Meet our Current APT Scholarship Students
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8/28/2019 4:37 PMMichelle Penlington
Education Foundation

Polyoak Family Educational Foundation (PFEF)

This initiative of the Polyoak Packaging Group (PPG), was created to empower children of the Polyoak family to become skilled, economically active citizens of South Africa.
Founded in 2010, it is managed by a team of dedicated professionals operating from Polyoak’s main site in Cape Town.
Polyoak passionately believes that the most effective means of uplifting those who were previously disadvantaged, is to provide access to high quality education. This benefits the entire community as working graduates are empowered to help support their parents later in life and become community role models. 

The Trust provides tertiary study bursaries for children of PPG employees, funded through dividends from its 10% ownership of PPG.

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10/28/2019 11:45 AMMichelle Penlington
Education Foundation

The PFEF Vision

The vision is to be a catalyst for economic and social upliftment by providing access to meaningful employment, achieved through its tertiary education bursary programme.
The Polyoak Family
PFEF students are a valued member of the Polyoak family. Graduation ceremonies, attended by senior PPG managers, are held to recognise the learner’s achievements. However, it is only through the parent’s hard work, that the learner can apply for funding, so the ceremony also congratulates the parent, which motivates those around them.

10/24/2018 10:10 AMMichelle Penlington
Teachers Plus

Teachers Plus Overview
 Teachers Plus aims to advance young people by investing in the future excellence of education.

Teachers Plus was born out of the need to find solutions to South Africa’s education crisis. It is an initiative of the Polyoak Packaging Group which passionately believes that education is the most powerful tool you can give someone.

The Advancing Professional Teaching (APT) Scholarship Programme is transforming schools by creating a supply of professional and effective Mathematics and Accounting teachers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Kickstart Workshops deliver instant benefit to large groups of high school learners, addressing particular educational needs.
Meet our Directors, Manager and Administrator

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10/28/2019 11:45 AMMichelle Penlington
Education Foundation

Strategy and Approach
The Tertiary Education Challenge

A relevant tertiary qualification is the basic requirement for our youth to secure employment and upliftment opportunities.
Access to tertiary studies is however limited, due to financial constraints and the demanding nature of full-time studies.
Parents are often unable to provide sound career advice, and many learners come from low income schools with minimal guidance on tertiary studies.
Strategic Approach
Selection Criteria
The programme is open to children of PPG employees who were previously disadvantaged. It offers bursaries to matriculants at all academic levels, and focuses on the average child that may otherwise be overlooked.
It targets learners who have the determination to study further and improve themselves.

Advisory Support
PFEF provides guidance and support for families transitioning from school to tertiary studies. Appropriate course selection is crucial to achieving meaningful employment. The Trust collaborates with the child and parents, to identify relevant courses for their aptitude and interests, taking into consideration the future skills demand.

Practical Experience
Vocational training and courses offering practical experience are prioritised to maximise employment potential. Graduates are also assisted with CV and work readiness preparation.

Community Role Models
The bursary does not require a work-back period, and graduates are discouraged from joining their parent to work at Polyoak, to broaden their horizons and become community role models.

10/22/2018 10:44 AMMichelle Penlington
Education Foundation

Positive Results
This strategic approach to PFEF’s bursary programme underpins its 100% employment track record for the last few years, with graduates entering occupations such as dental assistant, legal secretary, accounting, mechatronics engineers, fitters and turners, electricians and hairdressers. 

8/16/2019 10:11 AMFrederick Kruger