PolyCans for Solvent-Based PaintPolyCans for Solvent-Based Paint



PolyCans for Solvent-Based PaintContan's new range of plastic PolyCans are specially designed for solvent-based products such as paint and coatings.
Easy Carry Bulk SolutionsBulk packs of juice and water offer shoppers good value for money, but can become extremely heavy. The ideal packaging needs to be lightweight yet robust, with a comfortable handle for carrying.
Fliptop Closure RangeThe new tamper evident Fliptop Squeeze 28mm closure from African Closures is convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. No more costly wads, seals and shrinkwrap with this one-piece tamper evident solution.
Optimised Transport EfficiencyWoolworths is known for its high quality products and its packaging is no exception. In line with its commitment to sustainable practices, Woolworths partnered with Dairypack to optimise the transport efficiency of its new 3 litre milk bottle.



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